The Real Deal

Born of hearty Midwest stock, Chris showed early signs of leadership. In school Chris was always first. First to lunch, first to the exits, first to fall out of his desk, undeniable sign of leadership.

Early signs of Chris' fascination with racing can be found in the traffic records of most nearby states and by the radical modification he made to several cars as he tried to put them into the same space as other solid objects.

Demonstrating his characteristic drive for success Chris managed to both avoid the draft and nearly graduate form the University of Missouri. While working his way through college, as a stock clerk in the department store, Chris was nicknamed the Yeti of the Mall for his uncanny ability to sense work and be "busy" elsewhere.

After coming to work at Picture and Frame, Chris was responsible for many exciting and innovative programs including but not limited to: the PFI Safety and Health Program, also known as the large bottle of Bactine; the Child Care Program, entitled "Leave Your Kid At The Mall"; the Flexible Hours Program, where each hour is 75 minutes long; the Free Water Program, Reducing Parking Rates For Employees, the Sick Leave Program, (if you're sick, then leave), and the list goes on and on.

Chris' inspirational leadership and his ability to get compromising photos of nearly every major business associate have preserved Picture and Frame through good times and bad. Many times Chris has been heard to say "A happy employee is still an employee" or "squawk not lest yea be unloading the glass by thyself."

After a brief retirement Chris returned to the helm of Picture and Frame in 2003 and vows never to retire again. Or as Peter Fonda said, "First you retire, and then you're dead. Wow man."


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