What's The Deal

Born during the Jurassic period on the plains for Western Kansas, Jack led a hard life. Working dawn to dusk in the family garage, rising some mornings to only a small bowl of warm gravel. But these humble beginnings only served to strengthen his resolve to "make something of himself".

Moving to Manhattan, (Kansas), Jack attended K-State University studying Architecture, girls and the gutter just outside the dorm. In his never-ending attempt to achieve enlightenment, Jack was credited with the largest collection of empty beer bottles in the state of Kansas. He collection is still mentioned by the Kansas Visitors Bureau right after the world's largest ball of twine.

Not being the brightest graduate of K-State, Jack thought the key to fame and fortune was Retail Framing! Opening his shop in 1969, Jack was once again living on warm gravel. Married with two small children, Jack found himself walking the streets jobless in 1976. Begging on the street corner and dancing for nickels, Jack was taken in by a kindly business owner named Chris. Little did anyone know this was the beginning of a long, long, long friendship.

Thirty years later, he can still find his way to work, (by himself!) and fills an integral role at Picture and Frame. Although people have a tough time deciding what Jack actually does, most people agree that he does it really well.


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