The New Deal

Reed developed his streetwise skills on the tree-lined thoroughfares of Rocky River, Ohio. He claims it was the toughest town this side of Hell's Kitchen. In one of his early flashes of brilliance, he started following a young girl named Terry. She sat in front of him in 10th Grade Biology. By their senior year, they shared a locker. Now, over 30 years later, this ray of sunshine has carried him through life.

A voice in the night told him to pursue his passion. We believe it may have been his dad telling him to get the hell out of the house. Consequently, after a chronic sore arm made him realize that even the Fighting Vikings of mighty Cleveland State University would not need his savvy pitching skills, (Or was it his 83 mph string straight fastball?), he knew it was time to get on with life. With little more than the love of a good woman and two small children, Reed packed his peddlers bag with crayons and markers (Crayola Products), and later artists paints and brushes (Winsor & Newton), and headed west for the land of AHH's.

After being blessed with a third child, the pull of custom framing and a bigger paycheck seized his life, and Reed sold his skills to Crescent Cardboard. After 11 years of long drives, endless airport delays, countless nights on the road (and at least 50 pounds around his midsection) he knew there had to be a better way, especially now that the kids had moved out! So, through some back room brokering with his old friend, Jack, pulling the strings like a puppeteer, Reed, Chris and Jack formed the triumvirate geared to put the fun back in the action-packed world of picture framing distribution. With Chris at the helm, and Jack moving slowly toward fulltime gardening and global sightseeing, Reed is directing the "Who, What, Where, and How" of distribution and the new era of "Let Reed Do It" has begun.


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