New - TechMount

TechMount - Permanent Bonding, Breathable, Dry Mount Tissue

Available in a 40.5x150 roll, PFI #9692.04, TechMount is a breathable, porous product created for dry mounting photographs and paper materials. It produces a smooth, permanent bond. TechMount's breathability allows non-porous pieces of art, such as photographs, to be mounted smoothly and professionally. With its low temparature activation, RC photographs can be boned safely. This tissue material is coated on both sides with a heat-activated adhesive which bonds as it heats. The recommended dwell temperature for a mechincal press is 190-200 degree's for approximately 60-90 seconds. Dwell time for a vacuum press is 3-4 minutes.

*Recommended dwell times and temperatures should be used as a guideline. The best combination could vary depending upon substrate, size and humidity. as a rule, increase dwell time before increasing temperature.